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We are seeking motivated individuals, interested in the mystery of learning and memory.

Medical and Undergraduate Students

Medical and undergraduate students are always welcome depending on availability of staffs.

Please consult Dr. Hayashi.

Graduate Students

Either biomedical or computational background is highly desired. Depending on your candidacy, we may suggest you to stay a year as a research student before committing with each other.

Examples of current project for graduate students.

  • Molecular biology of long-term potentiation
  • Analysis of neuronal circuit process of memory consolidation
  • Analysis of hippocampal neuronal cell assembly during learning
  • Analysis of hippocampal neuronal cell assembly under pathological conditions

Master Course

If you have only bachelor's degree, you can apply to Graduate School of Medical Science (5 years). If you do not have biology background, you can still apply to Kyoto University Graduate School of Biostudies, which holds special program for non-biomedical students.

Doctoral Course

If you hold master's degree or finished 6-year undergraduate education (medical, pharmacy, or veterinarian schools), you can apply to Graduate School of Medical Science (3 years) or Graduate School of Medicine (4 years). Please note that the quota of Graduate School of Medical Science is small and unpredictable for PhD students. So please consider applying to 4 year course.


We are currently not actively looking into one. But if you can find your own funding for example, one from JSPS, we are happy to consider. Please consult us.

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