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Original Papers

For papers before 2010, please see here.


  • Kaizuka PLoS Biology 2024.pdf
    Kaizuka, T., Hirouchi, T., Saneyoshi, T., Shirafuji, T., Collins, M.O., Grant, S.G.N., Hayashi, Y., & Takumi, T. (2024).
    FAM81A is a postsynaptic protein that regulates the condensation of postsynaptic proteins via liquid-liquid phase separation. PLoS biology, 22(3), e3002006. [PubMed:38452102] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]


  • Ripoli Sci Adv 2023.pdf
    Ripoli, C., Dagliyan, O., Renna, P., Pastore, F., Paciello, F., Sollazzo, R., Rinaudo, M., Battistoni, M., Martini, S., Tramutola, A., Sattin, A., Barone, E., Saneyoshi, T., Fellin, T., Hayashi, Y., & Grassi, C. (2023).
    Engineering memory with an extrinsically disordered kinase. Science advances, 9(46), eadh1110. [PubMed:37967196] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Özden Cell Rep 2022.pdf
    Özden, C., Sloutsky, R., Mitsugi, T., Santos, N., Agnello, E., Gaubitz, C., Foster, J., Lapinskas, E., Esposito, E.A., Saneyoshi, T., Kelch, B.A., Garman, S.C., Hayashi, Y., & Stratton, M.M. (2022).
    CaMKII binds both substrates and activators at the active site. Cell reports, 40(2), 111064. [PubMed:35830796] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Goto Science 2021.pdf
    Goto, A., Bota, A., Miya, K., Wang, J., Tsukamoto, S., Jiang, X., Hirai, D., Murayama, M., Matsuda, T., McHugh, T.J., Nagai, T., & Hayashi, Y. (2021).
    Stepwise synaptic plasticity events drive the early phase of memory consolidation. Science (New York, N.Y.), 374(6569), 857-863. [PubMed:34762472] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Cid Cell Rep 2021.pdf
    Cid, E., Marquez-Galera, A., Valero, M., Gal, B., Medeiros, D.C., Navarron, C.M., Ballesteros-Esteban, L., Reig-Viader, R., Morales, A.V., Fernandez-Lamo, I., Gomez-Dominguez, D., Sato, M., Hayashi, Y., Bayés, À., Barco, A., Lopez-Atalaya, J.P., & de la Prida, L.M. (2021).
    Sublayer- and cell-type-specific neurodegenerative transcriptional trajectories in hippocampal sclerosis. Cell reports, 35(10), 109229. [PubMed:34107264] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Takamura Mizuta J Neurosci 2021.pdf
    Takamura, R., Mizuta, K., Sekine, Y., Islam, T., Saito, T., Sato, M., Ohkura, M., Nakai, J., Ohshima, T., Saido, T.C., & Hayashi, Y. (2021).
    Modality-Specific Impairment of Hippocampal CA1 Neurons of Alzheimer's Disease Model Mice. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 41(24), 5315-5329. [PubMed:33980545] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Hosokawa Liu Nat Neurosci 2021.pdf
    Hosokawa, T., Liu, P.W., Cai, Q., Ferreira, J.S., Levet, F., Butler, C., Sibarita, J.B., Choquet, D., Groc, L., Hosy, E., Zhang, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2021).
    CaMKII activation persistently segregates postsynaptic proteins via liquid phase separation. Nature neuroscience, 24(6), 777-785. [PubMed:33927400] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kastian Minegishi Cell Rep 2021.pdf
    Kastian, R.F., Minegishi, T., Baba, K., Saneyoshi, T., Katsuno-Kambe, H., Saranpal, S., Hayashi, Y., & Inagaki, N. (2021).
    Shootin1a-mediated actin-adhesion coupling generates force to trigger structural plasticity of dendritic spines. Cell reports, 35(7), 109130. [PubMed:34010643] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Mizuta Hippocampus 2021.pdf
    Mizuta, K., Nakai, J., Hayashi, Y., & Sato, M. (2021).
    Multiple coordinated cellular dynamics mediate CA1 map plasticity. Hippocampus, 31(3), 235-243. [PubMed:33452849] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Eriksen FEBS J 2020.pdf
    Eriksen, M.S., Nikolaienko, O., Hallin, E.I., Grødem, S., Bustad, H.J., Flydal, M.I., Merski, I., Hosokawa, T., Lascu, D., Akerkar, S., Cuéllar, J., Chambers, J.J., O'Connell, R., Muruganandam, G., Loris, R., Touma, C., Kanhema, T., Hayashi, Y., Stratton, M.M., Valpuesta, J.M., Kursula, P., Martinez, A., & Bramham, C.R. (2021).
    Arc self-association and formation of virus-like capsids are mediated by an N-terminal helical coil motif. The FEBS journal, 288(9), 2930-2955. [PubMed:33175445] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Sato Mizuta Cell Report 2020.pdf
    Sato, M., Mizuta, K., Islam, T., Kawano, M., Sekine, Y., Takekawa, T., Gomez-Dominguez, D., Schmidt, A., Wolf, F., Kim, K., Yamakawa, H., Ohkura, M., Lee, M.G., Fukai, T., Nakai, J., & Hayashi, Y. (2020).
    Distinct Mechanisms of Over-Representation of Landmarks and Rewards in the Hippocampus. Cell reports, 32(1), 107864. [PubMed:32640229] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Luchetti J Neurosci 2020.pdf
    Luchetti, A., Bota, A., Weitemier, A., Mizuta, K., Sato, M., Islam, T., McHugh, T.J., Tashiro, A., & Hayashi, Y. (2020).
    Two Functionally Distinct Serotonergic Projections into Hippocampus. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 40(25), 4936-4944. [PubMed:32414785] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Cai Structure 2020.pdf
    Cai, Q., Hosokawa, T., Zeng, M., Hayashi, Y., & Zhang, M. (2020).
    Shank3 Binds to and Stabilizes the Active Form of Rap1 and HRas GTPases via Its NTD-ANK Tandem with Distinct Mechanisms. Structure (London, England : 1993), 28(3), 290-300.e4. [PubMed:31879129] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kojima Neurobiol Learn Mem 2019.pdf
    Kojima, H., Rosendale, M., Sugiyama, Y., Hayashi, M., Horiguchi, Y., Yoshihara, T., Ikegaya, Y., Saneyoshi, T., & Hayashi, Y. (2019).
    The role of CaMKII-Tiam1 complex on learning and memory. Neurobiology of learning and memory, 166, 107070. [PubMed:31445077] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Saneyoshi Neuron 2019.pdf
    Saneyoshi, T., Matsuno, H., Suzuki, A., Murakoshi, H., Hedrick, N.G., Agnello, E., O'Connell, R., Stratton, M.M., Yasuda, R., & Hayashi, Y. (2019).
    Reciprocal Activation within a Kinase-Effector Complex Underlying Persistence of Structural LTP. Neuron, 102(6), 1199-1210.e6. [PubMed:31078368] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Grandour Nature Comm 2019.pdf
    Ghandour, K., Ohkawa, N., Fung, C.C.A., Asai, H., Saitoh, Y., Takekawa, T., Okubo-Suzuki, R., Soya, S., Nishizono, H., Matsuo, M., Osanai, M., Sato, M., Ohkura, M., Nakai, J., Hayashi, Y., Sakurai, T., Kitamura, T., Fukai, T., & Inokuchi, K. (2019).
    Orchestrated ensemble activities constitute a hippocampal memory engram. Nature communications, 10(1), 2637. [PubMed:31201332] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kobayashi Sci Rep 2019.pdf
    Kobayashi, T., Islam, T., Sato, M., Ohkura, M., Nakai, J., Hayashi, Y., & Okamoto, H. (2019).
    Wide and Deep Imaging of Neuronal Activities by a Wearable NeuroImager Reveals Premotor Activity in the Whole Motor Cortex. Scientific reports, 9(1), 8366. [PubMed:31182818] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kim Neurobiol Learn Mem 2019.pdf
    Kim, K., Suzuki, A., Kojima, H., Kawamura, M., Miya, K., Abe, M., Yamada, I., Furuse, T., Wakana, S., Sakimura, K., & Hayashi, Y. (2019).
    Autophosphorylation of F-actin binding domain of CaMKIIβ is required for fear learning. Neurobiology of learning and memory, 157, 86-95. [PubMed:30528771] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Hallin J Neurochem.pdf
    Hallin, E.I., Eriksen, M.S., Baryshnikov, S., Nikolaienko, O., Grødem, S., Hosokawa, T., Hayashi, Y., Bramham, C.R., & Kursula, P. (2018).
    Structure of monomeric full-length ARC sheds light on molecular flexibility, protein interactions, and functional modalities. Journal of neurochemistry, 147(3), 323-343. [PubMed:30028513] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kashino Int J Mol Sci.pdf

    Kashino, Y., Obara, Y., Okamoto, Y., Saneyoshi, T., Hayashi, Y., & Ishii, K. (2018).
    ERK5 Phosphorylates Kv4.2 and Inhibits Inactivation of the A-Type Current in PC12 Cells. International journal of molecular sciences, 19(7). [PubMed:29996472] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Sato eNeuro.pdf
    Sato, M., Kawano, M., Mizuta, K., Islam, T., Lee, M.G., & Hayashi, Y. (2017).
    Hippocampus-Dependent Goal Localization by Head-Fixed Mice in Virtual Reality. eNeuro, 4(3). [PubMed:28484738] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Bosch Methods Mol Biol.pdf
    Bosch, M., Castro, J., Sur, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2017).
    Photomarking Relocalization Technique for Correlated Two-Photon and Electron Microcopy Imaging of Single Stimulated Synapses. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1538, 185-214. [PubMed:27943192] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Sato Neurobiol Learn Mem.pdf

    Sato, M., Kawano, M., Yanagawa, Y., & Hayashi, Y. (2016).
    In vivo two-photon imaging of striatal neuronal circuits in mice. Neurobiology of learning and memory, 135, 146-151. [PubMed:27400866] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Kim Neuron 2015.pdf

    Kim, K., Lakhanpal, G., Lu, H.E., Khan, M., Suzuki, A., Hayashi, M.K., Narayanan, R., Luyben, T.T., Matsuda, T., Nagai, T., Blanpied, T.A., Hayashi, Y., & Okamoto, K. (2015).
    A Temporary Gating of Actin Remodeling during Synaptic Plasticity Consists of the Interplay between the Kinase and Structural Functions of CaMKII. Neuron, 87(4), 813-26. [PubMed:26291163] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Hosokawa Neuron.pdf

    Hosokawa, T., Mitsushima, D., Kaneko, R., & Hayashi, Y. (2015).
    Stoichiometry and phosphoisotypes of hippocampal AMPA-type glutamate receptor phosphorylation. Neuron, 85(1), 60-67. [PubMed:25533481] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Sato PLOS One.pdf

    Sato, M., Kawano, M., Ohkura, M., Gengyo-Ando, K., Nakai, J., & Hayashi, Y. (2015).
    Generation and Imaging of Transgenic Mice that Express G-CaMP7 under a Tetracycline Response Element. PloS one, 10(5), e0125354. [PubMed:25946002] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Sakaguchi PLoS One.pdf

    Sakaguchi, M., Kim, K., Yu, L.M., Hashikawa, Y., Sekine, Y., Okumura, Y., Kawano, M., Hayashi, M., Kumar, D., Boyden, E.S., McHugh, T.J., & Hayashi, Y. (2015).
    Inhibiting the Activity of CA1 Hippocampal Neurons Prevents the Recall of Contextual Fear Memory in Inducible ArchT Transgenic Mice. PloS one, 10(6), e0130163. [PubMed:26075894] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Matsuno PLOS One.pdf

    Matsuno, H., Ohi, K., Hashimoto, R., Yamamori, H., Yasuda, Y., Fujimoto, M., Yano-Umeda, S., Saneyoshi, T., Takeda, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2015).
    A naturally occurring null variant of the NMDA type glutamate receptor NR3B subunit is a risk factor of schizophrenia. PloS one, 10(3), e0116319. [PubMed:25768306] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Manita Neuron.pdf

    Manita, S., Suzuki, T., Homma, C., Matsumoto, T., Odagawa, M., Yamada, K., Ota, K., Matsubara, C., Inutsuka, A., Sato, M., Ohkura, M., Yamanaka, A., Yanagawa, Y., Nakai, J., Hayashi, Y., Larkum, M.E., & Murayama, M. (2015).
    A Top-Down Cortical Circuit for Accurate Sensory Perception. Neuron, 86(5), 1304-16. [PubMed:26004915] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]


  • Bosch Neuron.pdf

    Bosch, M., Castro, J., Saneyoshi, T., Matsuno, H., Sur, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2014).
    Structural and molecular remodeling of dendritic spine substructures during long-term potentiation. Neuron, 82(2), 444-59. [PubMed:24742465] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Martinez-Lozada Glia.pdf

    Martinez-Lozada, Z., Waggener, C.T., Kim, K., Zou, S., Knapp, P.E., Hayashi, Y., Ortega, A., & Fuss, B. (2014).
    Activation of sodium-dependent glutamate transporters regulates the morphological aspects of oligodendrocyte maturation via signaling through calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase IIβ's actin-binding/-stabilizing domain. Glia, 62(9), 1543-1558. [PubMed:24866099] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Ueda J Neurosci.pdf
    Ueda, Y., & Hayashi, Y. (2013).
    PIP₃ regulates spinule formation in dendritic spines during structural long-term potentiation. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 33(27), 11040-7. [PubMed:23825409] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Wang rna.pdf

    Wang, D.O., Matsuno, H., Ikeda, S., Nakamura, A., Yanagisawa, H., Hayashi, Y., & Okamoto, A. (2012).
    A quick and simple FISH protocol with hybridization-sensitive fluorescent linear oligodeoxynucleotide probes. RNA (New York, N.Y.), 18(1), 166-75. [PubMed:22101241] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Mower proc natl acad sci.pdf

    Mower, A.F., Kwok, S., Yu, H., Majewska, A.K., Okamoto, K., Hayashi, Y., & Sur, M. (2011).
    Experience-dependent regulation of CaMKII activity within single visual cortex synapses in vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(52), 21241-6. [PubMed:22160721] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
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  • Takashi Takekawa, Masanori Nomoto, Hirotaka Asai, Noriaki Ohkawa, Reiko Okubo-Suzuki, Khaled Ghandour, Masaaki Sato, Masamichi Ohkura, Junichi Nakai, Shin-ichi Muramatsu, Yasunori Hayashi, Kaoru Inokuchi, Tomoki Fukai
    HOTARU: Automatic sorting system for large scale calcium imaging data
    bioRxiv [DOI]


  • Ayaka Bota, Akihiro Goto, Suzune Tsukamoto, Alexander Schmidt, Fred Wolf, Alessandro Luchetti, Junichi Nakai, Hajime Hirase, Yasunori Hayashi
    Shared and unique properties of place cells in anterior cingulate cortex and hippocampus
    bioRxiv 2021.03.29.437441 [DOI][Google Scholar]
  • Elena Cid, Angel Marquez-Galera, Manuel Valero, Beatriz Gal, Daniel C. Medeiros, Carmen M. Navarrón, Luis Ballesteros-Esteban, Rita Reig-Viader, Aixa V. Morales, Ivan Fernandez-Lamo, Daniel Gomez-Dominguez, Masaaki Sato, Yasunori Hayashi, Àlex Bayés, Angel Barco, Jose P López-Atalaya, Liset M de la Prida
    Sublayer- and cell-type-specific neurodegenerative transcriptional trajectories in hippocampal sclerosis
    bioRxiv 2021.02.03.429560; [DOI]


  • Tomohisa Hosokawa, Pin-Wu Liu, Qixu Cai, Joana S Ferreira, Florian Levet, Corey Butler, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Daniel Choquet, Laurent Groc, Eric Hosy, Mingjie Zhang, Yasunori Hayashi
    CaMKII activation triggers persistent formation and segregation of postsynaptic liquid phase
    bioRxiv 2020.11.25.397091; DOI
  • Can Özden, Roman Sloutsky, Nicholas Santos, Emily Agnello, Christl Gaubitz, Emily Lapinskas, Edward A. Esposito, Brian A. Kelch, Scott C. Garman, Yasunori Hayashi, Margaret M. Stratton
    CaMKII binds both substrates and effectors at the active site
    bioRxiv 2020.10.25.354241; DOI


  • Maria Steene Eriksen, Oleksii Nikolaienko, Erik Ingmar Hallin, Sverre Grødem, Helene J. Bustad, Marte Innselset Flydal, Rory O’Connell, Tomohisa Hosokawa, Daniela Lascu, Shreeram Akerkar, Jorge Cuéllar, James J. Chambers, Ian Merski, Gopinath Muruganandam, Remy Loris, Tambudzai Kanhema, Yasunori Hayashi, Margaret M. Stratton, José M. Valpuesta, Petri Kursula, Aurora Martinez, Clive R. Bramham
    Molecular determinants of Arc oligomerization and formation of virus-like capsids
    bioRxiv 667956; DOI


  • Takuma Kobayashi, Tanvir Islam, Masaaki Sato, Masamichi Ohkura, Junichi Nakai, Yasunori Hayashi, Hitoshi Okamoto
    Wide and Deep Imaging of Neuronal Activities by a Wearable NeuroImager Reveals Premotor Activity in the Whole Motor Cortex
    bioRxiv 434035; DOI
  • Erik I. Hallin, Maria S. Eriksen, Sergei Baryshnikov, Oleksii Nikolaienko, Sverre Grødem, Tomohisa Hosokawa, Yasunori Hayashi, Clive R. Bramham, Petri Kursula
    Structure of monomeric full-length ARC sheds light on molecular flexibility, protein interactions, and functional modalities
    bioRxiv 332015; DOI
  • Masaaki Sato, Kotaro Mizuta, Tanvir Islam, Masako Kawano, Takashi Takekawa, Daniel Gomez-Dominguez, Karam Kim, Hiroshi Yamakawa, Masamichi Ohkura, Tomoki Fukai, Junichi Nakai, Yasunori Hayashi
    Dynamic embedding of salience coding in hippocampal spatial maps
    bioRxiv 266767; DOI


  • Takashi Takekawa, Hirotaka Asai, Noriaki Ohkawa, Masanori Nomoto, Reiko Okubo-Suzuki, Khaled Ghandour, Masaaki Sato, Yasunori Hayashi, Kaoru Inokuchi, Tomoki Fukai
    Automatic sorting system for large calcium imaging data
    bioRxiv 215145; DOI

Reviews and Commentaries

For reviews and commentaries before 2010, please see here.


  • Uchigashima, M., Hayashi, Y., & Futai, K. (2023).
    Regulation of Presynaptic Release Machinery by Cell Adhesion Molecules. Advances in neurobiology, 33, 333-356. [PubMed:37615873] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]
  • Goto Neurosci Res 2023.pdf
    Goto, A., & Hayashi, Y. (2023).
    Offline neuronal activity and synaptic plasticity during sleep and memory consolidation. Neuroscience research, 189, 29-36. [PubMed:36584924] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]


  • Yasuda Nat Rev Neurosci 2022.pdf
    Yasuda, R., Hayashi, Y., & Hell, J.W. (2022).
    CaMKII: a central molecular organizer of synaptic plasticity, learning and memory. Nature reviews. Neuroscience, 23(11), 666-682. [PubMed:36056211] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]


  • Hayashi Neurosci Res 2022.pdf

    Hayashi, Y. (2022).
    Molecular mechanism of hippocampal long-term potentiation - Towards multiscale understanding of learning and memory. Neuroscience research, 175, 3-15. [PubMed:34375719] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

  • Liu Curr Opin Neurobiol 2021.pdf

    Liu, P.W., Hosokawa, T., & Hayashi, Y. (2021).
    Regulation of synaptic nanodomain by liquid-liquid phase separation: A novel mechanism of synaptic plasticity. Current opinion in neurobiology, 69, 84-92. [PubMed:33752045] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

  • Hayashi J Neurosci 2021.pdf

    Hayashi, Y., Ford, L.K., Fioriti, L., McGurk, L., & Zhang, M. (2021).
    Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Nervous System. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 41(5), 834-844. [PubMed:33472825] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]



  • Lissek Neuron.pdf

    Lissek, T., Adams, M., Adelman, J., Ahissar, E., Akaaboune, M., Akil, H., al'Absi, M., Arain, F., Arango-Lasprilla, J.C., Atasoy, D., Avila, J., Badawi, A., Bading, H., Baig, A.M., Baleriola, J., Belmonte, C., Bertocchi, I., Betz, H., Blakemore, C., Blanke, O., Boehm-Sturm, P., Bonhoeffer, T., Bonifazi, P., Brose, N., Campolongo, P., Celikel, T., Chang, C.C., Chang, T.Y., Citri, A., ..., & Hasan, M.T. (2017).
    Building Bridges through Science. Neuron, 96(4), 730-735. [PubMed:29144972] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]


  • Kim J Neurochem.pdf

    Kim, K., Saneyoshi, T., Hosokawa, T., Okamoto, K., & Hayashi, Y. (2016).
    Interplay of enzymatic and structural functions of CaMKII in long-term potentiation. Journal of neurochemistry, 139(6), 959-972. [PubMed:27207106] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]




  • Saneyoshi Cytoskeleton.pdf

    Saneyoshi, T., & Hayashi, Y. (2012).
    The Ca2+ and Rho GTPase signaling pathways underlying activity-dependent actin remodeling at dendritic spines. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.), 69(8), 545-54. [PubMed:22566410] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

  • Sakaguchi Mol Brain.pdf

    Sakaguchi, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2012).
    Catching the engram: strategies to examine the memory trace. Molecular brain, 5, 32. [PubMed:22999350] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

  • Hayashi Adv Exp Med Biol.pdf

    Hayashi, Y., Okamoto, K., Bosch, M., & Futai, K. (2012).
    Roles of neuronal activity-induced gene products in Hebbian and homeostatic synaptic plasticity, tagging, and capture. Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 970, 335-54. [PubMed:22351063] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

  • Bosch Curr Opin Neurobiol.pdf

    Bosch, M., & Hayashi, Y. (2012).
    Structural plasticity of dendritic spines. Current opinion in neurobiology, 22(3), 383-8. [PubMed:21963169] [PMC] [WorldCat] [DOI]
    [Google Scholar]

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